Leica DIVE Multiphoton Confocal

The Advanced Microscopy Facility is pleased to announce the seminar on the newly installed Stellaris 8 DIVE Multiphoton confocal microscope with tau-Sense module.

DIVE two-photon excitation fluorescent microscope enables high-precision spectral imaging of biological specimens to a depth of up to 1mm in living tissue and 8mm in fixed cleared specimens. Add lifetime contrast as another dimension for increasing multiplexing. Enhance imaging contrast in living tissue utilizing indigenous fluorescence. Transform autofluorescence into a reporter for metabolic status, cell differentiation, and cancer development. The seminar highlights the advantages of the White Light Laser and the Power HyD spectral detector and the tau-Sense capabilities of STELLARIS 8 confocal as well as the high-precision spectral imaging enabled by the 4Tune detectors. 

Contact us today to sign up for the seminar. Send your specific inquiries to AMF to learn more details.