How to Apply

UVA 2023-2024 Application Cycle Updates

Thank you for looking into the University of Virginia’s Dermatology Residency Program. As the application process changes, we hope to keep you updated about how we are reviewing applications, using program signals and conducting interviews. Please see the Association of Professors of Dermatology Residency Program Directors Section statement (pdf) which provides helpful guidance on the current application process.



Applicants who wish to match the UVA Dermatology Residency Training Program in March 2024 for July 2025 appointment should begin application in Fall 2023. We look forward to reviewing your application when ERAS opens on September 6, 2023 and learn why you specifically chose to apply to UVA.

Applications and all supporting material should be submitted through ERAS by October 5, 2023.

We participate in the Dermatology Specialty Match, and applicants should register with the National Resident Matching Program.

Institutionally, we sponsor the J1 visa for both international graduates of US medical schools and for graduates of foreign medical schools who meet the ACGME eligibility requirements and hold a valid ECFMG certification.

The program works closely with the UVA GME department and the Housestaff Council for Diversity and Inclusion to promote diversity and inclusion in our trainees.

Program Signaling

This year, applicants will have 25 silver signals and 3 gold signals, which are an opportunity to signal genuine interest in the UVA program via MyERAS. We are requesting that all applicants with interest in UVA, including home or away rotators, demonstrate their level of interest by using gold or silver signals. We are not assuming your interest in absence of signals.

We receive a very large volume of applications each year, and historically have had a limited amount of time for review/screening each. With program signaling, we are now fortunately able to provide a much more in-depth and holistic review of a narrowed pool of applicants. That being said, if we receive a very large number of applications this year, we may only focus on holistically reviewing those with signals. These applicants are therefore much more likely to receive invites to interview with our program. Please consider strongly if you want to apply to UVA Dermatology in absence of a program signal. Due to the large number of applicants, you will not be notified if you do not receive an invitation. Invites for interviews will be sent out on November 20th with the second coordinate interview release date.

Review Process

UVA Dermatology engages in a holistic review process. We focus on an applicants’ life experiences, letters of recommendation, academic performance, research experience and outside interests. STEP scores are one of many factors we evaluate, and we do not screen candidates out or in based on those. Similarly, we evaluate grades and class ranking holistically, acknowledging the high variability across institutions.

Interview format and pre-and post-communication

Interviews will be entirely virtual this year at the University of Virginia, on Friday, December 8th, 2023. We are interviewing candidates for three Dermatology positions.  We will not be interviewing for R-track positions this year.  Per guidelines set by the Association of Professors of Dermatology, we strongly discourage applicants from communicating before or after their interview about interest in our program. These types of communication are typically not used by residency programs in decision-making and lead to downstream pressures on applicants. This includes letters of intent and thank you notes. Exceptions would include significant life changes like couples matching updates or major life events impacting preferences. Specific questions about the program can be directed to our program coordinator Brenda Harris (

Applications Requirements

  1. Completed ERAS data form
  2. Updated curriculum vitae
  3. Three (3) to Four (4) letters of reference, in addition to the Dean’s letter
  4. Personal statement
  5. USMLE board scores
  6. Medical school transcript