Research Pilot Grant Program

Department of Family Medicine Research Pilot Grant Program Guidelines 

Thematic focus:
– Health Equity and Disparities
– Prevention/Risk Reduction
– Quality Improvement for Practice Transformation
– Education Research
– Investigator Initiated [Self-Initiated Research Project]

Applications will be accepted from faculty, fellows, residents and staff. We encourage proposals involving collaborations with two or more faculty, residents and/or staff members. Resident and Fellow applications are required to have a faculty mentor.

Applications will be solicited for two deadlines each year, on October 1st and March 1st. Projects will be funded in November and April. An investigator is allowed to apply for one proposal per 12 month period and can receive no more than one pilot project award every 2 years. Several projects will be funded each cycle with a funding limit of up to $10,000 each with reasonable justification. A total of $20,000 each year will be awarded to meritorious applications. All applications will consist of a 2-3 page project proposal and narrative budget.

Proposals should be submitted to:
Dr. Fern Hauck –

Proposal Review

All applications will be reviewed and scored for merit by the Research Development Committee.

Pilot Research Grant Application (2-3 pages, including budget)

1. Abstract
Include a 2-3 sentence abstract summarizing your project idea.

2. Proposal
Explain in detail the idea for your project, including the feasibility of moving from a Pilot Study to manuscript or grant application that may result in a larger proposal. We encourage interested applicants to bring their ideas to the Research Development Committee for feedback and discussion about support for project development and implementation (e.g., study design, data analysis, IRB support).

3. IRB submission requirement/status
If the project will involve human subjects, please address the current status of IRB approval.

4. Narrative Budget [see example]
Include a few sentences about how you will use the funds allocated. Funds can be used to pay for staff effort, project supplies, human subject payments, CME, etc. Faculty support should not be included in the budget.

Progress Report

It is expected that one or more presentations a regional or national meeting and/or grand rounds will be completed as a result of this funding. Additionally, it is expected that this funding will inform manuscript submission or identification of a grant submission opportunity or equivalent within 6-12 months of the pilot project’s conclusion. A one-page progress report on each pilot project is expected 1 month after project conclusion to the Research Development Committee, chaired by Dr.
Fern Hauck. This should include a summary of project milestones (e.g., IRB approval, data collection, number of subjects enrolled, data analysis) and anticipated presentations, manuscripts and grant submissions. If presentations, manuscripts or grant applications are not submitted within one year of the conclusion of the pilot project, a written statement should be provided to the Research Development Committee chair explaining the reasons for this omission.

Sample - Budget Narrative

Total Funds Requested                                                                                                    $8,400


A. Salary & Fringes                                                                                                            Total: $2,000

Undergraduate Student will spend time providing direct service to the participants (describe services). The cost of this time will be $2,000.

B. Staff Development                                                                                                        Total: $300  
Training for undergraduate student and data analyst for training that will help with the project. $300

C. Travel                                                                                                                               Total: $1,600
Trip to society meeting for 2 people.

D. Supplies and Expenses                                                                                               Total: $5,500

Medical Supplies and Expense – Total: $600.00

Meeting Supplies: to provide supplies for administrative meetings, workshops, etc. $75.00 x 12 months =$900.00.

EPIC Data Analyst – cost to build queries to answer research question. $3,000