Simon Lehtinen, MD

Simon Lehtinen, MDI was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and moved around a great deal as a child. Having spent the most time in Greenville, South Carolina, it is my short answer to the question “Where are you from?”  I attended Furman University in South Carolina for my undergraduate degree.  In addition to completing premedical training there, I majored in French with a concentration in Latin American Studies, a somewhat unconventional beginning to my medical education.  When I found myself at a crossroads of whether to pursue a Ph.D. and teach or become a physician, I boldly decided to take the path of medicine.  Since committing to this path, I have never regretted it.  Instead, my passion for teaching would lead me to a career in academic medicine.

Immediately following my undergraduate studies, I attended the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. There, I was a part of a student group that helped organize the free clinic at a local homeless shelter. For residency, I matched at UVA and haven’t left since, a testament to the amazing colleagues and educators that we have.

Now, as an attending, I get to pass along the incredible education and support that I received (and frankly am still receiving).  I enjoy my time in clinic and providing care for each of my patients.  However, my passion for education has only grown, which I now channel through roles I have in the medical education of students. Currently, I am a Clinical Development Coach and teach for the Ambulatory Internal Medicine and Inpatient Internal Medicine clerkships, in addition to serving as a GSP mentor.  I am passionate about trainee well-being and enjoy being able to serve students in a mentorship role.

Outside of clinic and the classroom, I live a very full life.  I married my wife and fellow French speaker, Sarah, in 2016.  We love to travel, cook, drink good coffee, try new restaurants, and speak random French around the house.  My wife also enjoys defeating me in Scrabble (which happens every time we play).  I am a car enthusiast and can be found at various automotive events in the area.  We continue to enjoy our life here in Charlottesville.