Parasitology / International Health

International health research has long been a focus and strength of the division. Faculty not only work on pathogens of global concern, they do so in collaboration with overseas investigators and at partner study sites in Brazil, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Uganda and elsewhere. Many of these sites represent long-standing partnerships cultivated over years of grant-supported study.

Areas of investigation include diarrheal pathogens, malaria, diagnostics for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the impact of childhood malnutrition, and the genetics of disease susceptibility.

The following interdisciplinary faculty conduct research and instruct fellows in this area:

Mayuresh Abhyankar

Abhyankar, Mayuresh M

Amebiasis vaccine development; biomarkers of Clostridium difficile disease severity

Rebecca Dillingham

Dillingham, Rebecca Anne

Mobile technologies to improve adherence to HIV medications in rural populations.

Carol Gilchrist

Gilchrist, Carol

Identification of Parasite Virulence Factors

Richard Guerrant

Guerrant, Richard L.

Recognition, diagnosis, pathogenesis, impact, treatment and prevention of enteric infections; global health and tropical infectious diseases

Jennifer Guler

Guler, Jennifer

Mechanisms of Genetic and Metabolic Adaptation in the Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Scott Heysell

Heysell, Scott Kirkland

Multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB); pharmacokinetics; clinical application of diagnostics for TB; clinical trials to optimize TB treatment; chronic illness/ TB integration

Eric Houpt

Houpt, Eric Robert

Molecular diagnostics, Tuberculosis, Global Health

Joann McDermid

McDermid, Joann M.

Nutrition and major global infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis and other respiratory infections; Cryptosporidium and enteric infections

Christopher Moore

Moore, Christopher C.

Sepsis pathophysiology with particular interest in the role of the innate immune system; sepsis pathophysiology, management, and outcomes of HIV infected patients in sub-Saharan Africa.

Richard Pearson

Pearson, Richard D.

Leishmaniasis, immunoparasitology

William Petri

Petri, William A.

Immune mechanisms of defense against enteric (diarrheal) infections

Tania Thomas

Thomas, Tania A

Malnutrition and tuberculosis in children in Bangladesh