Virology and HIV

Virology research at UVA utilizes a number of approaches, including immunology, cell biology, structural biology and cancer biology, to study viruses that include influenza, hepatitis C, Ebola, dengue, KSHV and HIV.

Much of the basic research in HIV is conducted at the Myles H. Thaler Center for AIDS and Human Retrovirus Research, a community of infectious disease and immunology experts that ranks among the best in the nation. Researchers address fundamental questions about how HIV replicates at the cellular and molecular level, and how AIDS develops.

Rebecca Dillingham

Dillingham, Rebecca Anne

Mobile technologies to improve adherence to HIV medications in rural populations.

Daniel Engel

Engel, Daniel A.

Drug Discovery and Molecular Biology of Pathogenic RNA viruses: Influenza, Dengue and Ebola.

Young Hahn

Hahn, Young S.

Immune regulation for HCV infection and chronic liver inflammation


Hammarskjöld, Marie-Louise

Post Transcriptional Gene Regulation and the Molecular Biology of Human Retroviruses

Frederick Hayden

Hayden, Frederick G.

Antiviral agents for the prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections

Peter Kasson

Kasson, Peter M.

Physical mechanisms of infectious disease; influenza infection; membrane fusion; antibiotic resistance; molecular dynamics simulation; machine learning.

Dean Kedes

Kedes, Dean H.

Human Herpes virus associated with malignancy, including Kaposi's Sarcoma

Thomas Loughran, Jr.

Loughran, Jr., Thomas P

Hematologic malignancies; bone marrow disorders; leukemia; large granular lymphocyte (LGL)

David Rekosh

Rekosh, David M.

Human Immunodeficiency; Virus Gene Expression

Judith White

White, Judith M.

Virus Entry into Cells: Mechanisms and Development of Anti-Viral Therapeutics

Wen Yuan

Yuan, Wen

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)