Research Histology Service


The Dept. of Pathology extends support for tissue histology services to its faculty by an annual individual $4000 stipend and medical trainees by an annual individual $2000 stipend to use research core facilities.

Human Tissue Studies

For studies requiring materials from the clinical formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue archives, please contact the Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility (BTRF). This core facility will pull and refile slides and blocks. This facility will also provide histology support for human tissue studies (see below for animal histology services). You will need to enter a work order in the BTRF portion of the core facilities iLab website.

Because human subjects identifiers (such as surgical pathology case numbers) cannot be uploaded to the iLab website, please  download and use the Pathology Department BTRF service order forms below if you need to give such information, and send these manually or by secure UVA Health system email to the BTRF.

Archival specimen retrieval / histology / immunohistochemistry

Biospecimen procurement / processing

Reagent order form

Instructions for registering onto and using the iLab site can be found here.

For slide/block requests and for specimen procurement, please forward your order form to Craig Rumpel, the Biorepository Manger.

For histology and immunohistochemistry requests, please forward your order form to Dr. Pat Pramoonjago, the BTRF Technical Director.

You may bring the form to the BTRF (it is on the way to the parking lot), you may email it, or you may fax it (924-9438). You may also send it by campus mail, PO Box 800904, but this route is not recommended for fast turn around time.

For ordering research reagents (even those that won’t be used in the BTRF), please use the reagent order form and send it to Craig Rumpel.

The BTRF is located on the ground floor of MR6 (Carter-Harrison Research Building), Rm. G710, Ph. 982-0488. For additional contact info, click here.

The BTRF has the general Pathology IRB approval and all PTAO numbers on file, you will not need to provide additional information unless your study is operating under a different human subjects IRB approval or is funded by another source.

Please remember that ALL use of identified archival clinical tissue specimens in research projects DOES fall under Federal regulations regarding human subjects research and health information privacy statutes. You MUST have current human subjects training documented AND be operating under an IRB-approved human subjects protocol. Please contact Michael Kidd to enroll in the protocol we maintain to cover most studies involving archival tissue samples.

Animal Tissue Studies

Routine histology support (processing tissue, cutting slides) for animal studies is provided by the Research Histology Core. Please contact this core for their procedures for ordering services. The core is located in the MR4 Building, Room 1123. Please obtain the PTAO specific to your account from Barbara Kittel.

The BTRF will not process or embed animal tissue for routine histology, but will provide immunohistochemical staining for animal tissue.