Health Policy, Law & Ethics

Coordinated by: Carolyn Engelhard and Robert J. Meyer

Faculty: Ruth Gaare Bernheim, Donna Chen, Jean Eby, R. Edward Howell, Mary Faith Marshall, Lois Shepherd,Tanya Wanchek

The Health Policy Program in the Department of Public Health Sciences reaches into the education mission of the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, offering coursework, presentations, and directed learning to medical students, graduate students, and the university community.  In addition, faculty and students engaged in the program provide service, education, and analysis to local, state, and national audiences about: health care reform; the intersection of health and clinical sciences within population health; and the organization, financing, and delivery of medical services.

The Virginia Center for Translational and Regulatory Sciences (VCTRS) is an active part of PHS and seeks to address the challenges to translational research, health care funding and delivery models by:

  1. Providing unique, cutting-edge educational offerings to enable scientists, physicians, medical technologists, engineers and medical trainees to be versed in the processes that enable emerging innovations to reach clinical testing and beyond
  2. Facilitating the exchange of information and expertise between research and clinical thought-leadership and regulators in the hopes of supporting the Agency’s mission to nimbly regulate innovative new therapies
  3. Leveraging the Center’s expertise directly in the immediate support for advancing innovative new products and ideas through regulatory strategy and entrepreneurship