Kevin Mesina, MD

Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey

Professional Interests: musculoskeletal ultrasound, sports medicine, regenerative medicine, multimodality pain management, palliative care

Hobbies: bodybuilding, weight lifting, powerlifting, basketball, Formula 1, Formula drift, motor sports, car detailing, car modifications

Quote: When applying to PM&R I wanted a program that I can see myself being at, a place not just for residency but a place I can call home. The interview stood out to me because of the warm staff and residents. It felt supportive and I really felt I had many professional and personal mutual interests with everyone there. Professionally, I wanted to go to a program that will expose me to many areas such as MSK and Sports Medicine.  I also wanted to go to a beautiful town rich with culture and activities. I am beyond thankful and ecstatic to have matched at UVA!