Examinations Performed

Examinations Performed

Cardiac Computed Tomography

Calcium Scoring

Vascular Computed Tomography

Pulmonary embolism CTAngiography (CTPA)

CTPA with CTVenography of the pelvis and thigh

– Pulmonary embolism

– Coronary CT

– Aortic dissection

CT thoracic and abdominal aorta

Aortic stent graft follow-up CTA

Renal artery CTA

Mesenteric artery CTA

CT runoff

CTA for vasculitis/graft infection

Triple Rule out CTA

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ischemic Heart Disease including

– Left ventricular structure and function

– Myocardial perfusion

– Dobutamine stress testing (Baseline/Peak Stress)

– Myocardial viability

Valvular heart disease

Congenital heart disease

Pericardial disease

Cardiac and extracardiac masses

Diseases of the aorta and great vessels

Anomalous coronary arteries and coronary artery bypass grafts – course and patency\Right ventricular dysplasia

Pulmonary vein evaluation

Infiltrative myocardial diseases

Tomographic MRI for morphology with or without contrast agent

Cine MRI for ventricular and valvular function at rest or during stress

Myocardial tagging (allows detailed evaluation of myocardial function).

Phase-contrast velocity mapping for blood flow quantification

First-pass, contrast-enhanced MRI (for myocardial perfusion imaging at rest and/or during stress)

Delayed contrast-enhanced MRI (for myocardial tissue characterization and viability imaging)

Vascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MR Angiography and cine MRI of the aorta, great vessels, anomalous coronary arteries, and coronary bypass grafts

MRA for kidney and pancreas transplants

MRVenography – all veins of body