Research Programs

UVA Comprehensive Cancer Center’s more than 200 members are divided into four research programs. Each program represents an area of expertise important for understanding how cancer starts and progresses, and for development of interventions to detect, diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

Each also has a natural affinity and identity, with sub-groups that align scientifically. In addition, each program has helped generate major discoveries toward the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer:



The Cancer Biology Program supports research focused on identification and validation of targets, development of small molecule modulators of validated targets, and elucidating mechanisms, particularly signaling networks, driving cancer.



The Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics Program was the origin of the discovery of the “histone code” and is nationally regarded as a premiere program for the study of chromatin and epigenomics.



The Cancer Therapeutics Program supports preclinical science and validation of therapeutic targets leading to investigator-initiated clinical trials for cancer diagnosis, imaging, therapy or survivorship.



The Cancer Prevention and Population Health Program conducts population-based research to identify cancer risk, reduce cancer risk and develop systems to support cancer survivors.