Cancer Therapeutics

The Cancer Therapeutics Program (CRX) is designed to advance translation of discoveries to the clinic. CRX brings together all investigator-initiated clinical trials (Aim 3) as well as preclinical development of cancer immunology and immunotherapy (Aim 1) and cancer imaging, drug delivery, and image-based technologies (Aim 2).

Key goals of CRX are to identify promising new discoveries and technologies and then to support collaborations and other opportunities to bring these technologies to clinical trials, licensing, and clinical development. The ultimate goal of this program is to reduce the burden of cancer in the catchment area and beyond, especially for cancers of high incidence or mortality in the catchment area (breast, colorectal, lung, and melanoma).

The CRX program is led by:

The CRX program’s co-leads offer expertise in nanoparticle techniques for diagnostic imaging, drug target identification and drug delivery, as well as neuroimmunology and novel therapeutic approaches to brain cancers.