Cancer Biology

de Oliveira, Ana_Lung Cancer-Immune Cell Infiltration

Lung cancer immune cell infiltration, by Ana de Oliveira, PhD, Spatial Biology Core

There remains a critical need for effective new therapies to treat cancer. The most powerful approach for new therapeutic discovery begins with uncovering the basic mechanisms that drive cancer, identifying the critical components, and targeting them with small molecules that act as drugs for cancer therapy.

The Cancer Biology (CBIO) Program brings together University of Virginia Comprehensive Cancer Center (UVACCC) investigators to collectively make discoveries about cancer by identify therapeutic targets and developing agents to interfere with these targets. CBIO has two aims to accomplish its overall goals:

The CBIO program is led by:

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Wang, Hongyin_Immune scaffolding protein LAT (red) conjugated to DOPC lipid membrane (green)

Immune scaffolding protein LAT (red) conjugated to DOPC lipid membrane (green), by Dr. Hongyin Wang from Dr. Ilya Levental’s lab in the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics