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The Genome Analysis and Technology Core’s continuous mission is to enable high throughput Next Generation Sequencing projects for both novice and experienced users alike.

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Here we list information on how to make best use of the capabilities of the Genome Analysis and Technology Core by learning more about the technology, sample requirements and preparation.

The core is a fee-for-service operation that offers instrumentation and expertise in all areas of bulk and single cell NGS genomics and transcriptomics, as well as training to access the core shared instrumentations. Contact us for  free project consultations and support for grant applications.

Current applications supported by the core staff include RNA Seq, CHIP Seq, ATAC Seq, Amplicon DNA Seq, 16S ribosomal gene sequencing, shot gun sequencing for small genomes and whole exome sequencing.  Our 10X Genomics resources include single cell CNV, VDJ, and 3′ or 5′ RNA seq as well as linked reads.  The core also provides real time and droplet digital PCR services most suitable for targeted gene expression, SNP genotyping and CNV discovery.

Illumina NextSeq System

With Nextera DNA Flex, precise input quantification is not required to yield consistent DNA insert sizes and normalized libraries. And remember this is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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10X Genomics Single Cell Sequencing

Advances in single cell RNA quantification techniques have enabled comprehensive study of cell subpopulations within a heterogeneous population.

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