First Year


Following participation in the summer orientation session, students are paired with a faculty mentor. The mentor assists the student in, among other things, the planning and development of a scholarly project which must be completed by the end of the fourth year of medical school. The mentor also serves as a guide to the student over the course of his/her medical education.  Students are expected to meet with their mentor at least twice a year, preferably at the beginning of the academic year and again at the midpoint of the year or at transition times.

In addition to meeting with their mentor, students are expected to work with Dr. Kristen Wells, the GSP Scholarship Coordinator, whose role it is to oversee the scholarship component of the GSP curriculum.  Dr. Wells assists students with identifying and planning an appropriate scholarship pursuit.  Students register for the MSSRP (Medical Student Summer Research Program) in the spring semester in order to pursue their scholarship project during the summer following the first year of medical school.

During the first year of medical school students are expected to participate in monthly lunch meetings. These meetings offer curricular enrichment that is geared towards helping GSP students become leaders in primary care medicine. They can take the form of a lecture, group discussion or workshop. Lunch meetings serve to strengthen mentor-student relationships and camaraderie amongst the students.

All first year medical students complete a year-long service-learning activity for the Social Issues in Medicine course. Whenever possible, GSP students complete this requirement as a group by engaging in a collaborative community service activity at a single site. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of a number of student-initiated programs, e.g. Primary Care Week, journal club meetings, a retreat, community service activities, etc.

Towards the middle of the second semester, first year students begin planning Primary Care Week. Historically, this program has occurred in September. By late spring, students must select a date and theme for the week, develop a schedule of programs and activities (e.g. presentations, panels, workshops, etc.), and identify potential speakers or presenters.

Students from all four years are expected to attend the GSP Scholarship Celebration in May when graduating students present their scholarship projects.