Second Year


During the second year of medical school, GSP students continue attending bi-weekly lunch meetings to strengthen their understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding the practice of general medicine as well as to deepen their relationships with GSP faculty and students.

Second year GSP students are responsible for planning and implementing Primary Care Week, which is usually scheduled during the early part of the fall semester. Primary care week is a signature event of the GSP and one to which all medical school students and faculty are invited. Students begin planning this event in late Spring in order to secure time on the medical school schedule. In consultation with the faculty they determine a theme or focus, determine programmatic activities, identify speakers they hope to invite and create publicity. Lastly, but not of least importance, students also plan refreshments to accompany key events.

During the second year students present the progress of their scholarship project by participating in the Fall Medical Student Research Symposium.

Students are also encouraged to participate in student-initiated activities such as journal club, a retreat, and community service activities. Designing and implementing these activities provides students with valuable leadership experience.

Students continue to meet with their mentor at least twice during this year to apprise them of their progress on their scholarship project and seek guidance on any issues related to their medical education.