Fourth Year


All  medical students spend their fourth academic year completing a combination of required “selectives” and optional electives. Electives in disease prevention/health promotion, substance abuse, family systems/family therapy and health policy as well as a number of humanities electives are offered. All GSP students participate in the mandatory GSP elective entitled, ” Mindfulness and Motivating Behavior Change”, taught by GSP faculty members.

Required Curriculum

If not completed during the clerkship year, during the final year GSP students must complete one of the following and prepare a brief presentation (10 – 15 minutes) to the rest of the GSP community at a faculty-student lunch session:

  1. Read an article on a primary care related topic and write a 100-200 word review that summarizes the key points and conclusions. Submit the review to the GSP administrator via email to be shared with the GSP community.
  2. Compose and submit a letter to the editor on a topic related to primary care. Send a copy of your letter to the GSP administrator via email to be shared with the GSP community.
  3. Compose a written (300 – 500 words) reflection on a meaningful clinical experience. Submit a copy of the reflection to the GSP administrator via email to be shared with the GSP community.
  4. Select a primary care topic of interest and prepare a brief oral presentation (10 – 15 minutes) to be presented to the GSP community at a curricular lunch session.
  5. Propose and seek approval from the Program Director for an activity of similar scope and magnitude as the above that would be meaningful and appropriate to share with the GSP community.

The GSP scholarship experience culminates in early May with the writing of a formal scholarship paper (due March 1st) and an accompanying informative and engaging oral presentation. This presentation is shared with students’ classmates, the GSP faculty, the wider School of Medicine, University community, family and friends.

All students must meet with the GSP scholarship coordinator during their final year to review their scholarship project and prepare for their formal presentation. Students may choose to use elective time to work further on their scholarship project. Students participate in a workshop designed to help them develop presentation skills. In addition, a rehearsal session is required to allow students to hone their oral presentations prior to the final Scholarship Presentation forum.