Becoming a MIC PhD Student

MIC Graduate Student pointing to a research slide Applications begin in early September for potential matriculation the following summer. Applications are reviewed by MIC and Infectious Disease faculty, and the strongest applicants whose interests coincide with research endeavors at UVA are invited to visit to interview with faculty one-on-one, meet our current graduate students, learn about research training opportunities, and become acquainted with UVA Grounds and the beautiful Charlottesville area. These interviews occur by invitation from late January through early March, following fall application. Please visit the UVA Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program to apply and the deadline is December 1 of each year. 

Following visits and interviews at UVA, competitive applicants are offered admission on a rolling-basis until the class is filled. MIC typically matriculates 7-9 students each year from a pool of ~ 150 applicants. Matriculants receive full tuition, fees, health and dental insurance as well as a generous living stipend of $30,500/year. Students arrive in early July to begin their first 6-week research project and participate in BIMS programmatic activities that involve exposure to faculty in multiple areas of research. A 12-week core curriculum course begins in mid-late August following the first 6-week research project.

A BIMS student becomes an official MIC student when they select a MIC mentor and choose to pursue a degree in Microbiology.