Mindful Writing I: Introductory

This 6-week workshop explores the powerful nature of applying mindfulness to the process of writing.  Each class begins with a short guided meditation, and the writing emerges from that.  Building on the many different ways we can use the mind other than the linear ‘left-brain’ style we are taught in school, meditation offers new paths, which have the potential to open us to the vastness within.

A very special part of the class will be the opportunity to participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony with a practiced master.  The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is more than just drinking tea; it is an experience that embodies harmony, respect, purity and tranquility that must be delivered and received in mindful presence.

While many of us write on our own, there is also great value in writing together and learning in a deeper way how reflective practices manifest in our creative expression.

Become part of a writing community while furthering your own, and participating in others’ practices. This is a unique opportunity to push past previous obstacles and find your inner voice!