Mindful Writing II: Advanced

This workshop was developed in response to participants in former Mindful Writing Classes who, once they learned of the powerful nature of applying mindfulness to writing, wanted to take this process even further. While many may have done this on their own, there is also great value in doing this work together and learning in a deeper way how reflective practices manifest in our creative expression.

In this workshop we will be doing individual daily writing practice and also working collaboratively in new ways. For those working on a particular piece, this format can greatly facilitate the process. We will use sensory awareness and other mindfulness practices as well as compassion practices to explore realms we may have felt excluded from or unfamiliar with, before.

A very special part of the class will be the opportunity to participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony with a practiced master. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is more than just drinking tea; it is an experience that embodies harmony, respect, purity and tranquility that must be delivered and received in mindful presence. Exploring the contemplative practices of other cultures offers precious insights into the deep wisdom of those cultures as well as our own. Become part of a writing community while furthering your own and participating in others’ practice. This is a unique opportunity to take the next step!

Prerequisite: Beginner’s Mindful Writing or permission of instructor