Student Wellness

The School of Medicine is dedicated to providing holistic support for medical students both in and out of the classroom as they navigate their training.  Our students have access to personal wellness advising, learning environment initiatives, and academic support to thrive both personally and professionally throughout the medical school experience. Our wellness programs feature stress and management, nutrition support, as well as physical and mental health programming.

Upcoming Events

Drop-in STEP 1 Prep Meetings

Drop-in meetings to develop a STEP 1 Study Plan with Dr. Selina Normally are currently available by appointment. Contact Dr. Noramly at to schedule. Drop-in meetings to develop a…

Wellness News

Scheduling Self-care

There is a quote out there that goes something like “you should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for…

So you don’t like soggy salad?

Planning ahead and packing a health-full lunch can be an overwhelming challenge each week, especially as our course work builds, or our rotations become increasingly challenging. The idea of “meal…

Starting Medical School with the Right Sleep Habits

Maintaining good sleep hygiene while thriving in medical school may sound like an impossible task. But,  having those healthy sleep habits will actually help you both in and out of…
Available Resources

The following list of resources includes people/groups that specifically aim to help students, and/or have volunteered to be included in this list. They want to help!

If you would like your group to be added to this resource list in the future, please contact Deborah Barry (

  • Reed Fund
    • Reed Fund provides free, non-UVA affiliated mental health services to medical students seeking care
  • Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Peer
    • Mentoring Application (log in required)
    • email: Dr. Noramly