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The UVA Mindfulness Center offers intensive training courses to develop mindfulness skills – the practice of focusing our attention on our inner experience at the moment that it is happening. By practicing these skills, we learn to be more “awake,” more alert to the moments of our life as they unfold. Being present to our life increases our opportunities to make conscious choices. Mindfulness is a sensible, straightforward way to experience the mind/body connection.


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All classes are open to the general public and are enroll-able online.

Continue Your Practice

UVA Mindfulness Center offers audio recordings to continue your mindfulness practice.
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A Day of Mindfulness

A Day of Mindfulness is a free all-day silent retreat for current and past students of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programs.
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Former participants share their thoughts after participating in mindfulness classes.
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Research Update

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Improve Psychological Health and Well-Being Much of the burden associated with poor mental health is from symptoms experienced by the general population. These…

Transitioning through the Unwanted with Mindfulness

By Cawood B. Fitzhugh Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “In action is his power; not in his goals but in his transitions, man is great.” Transitions are a normal part of life. …

Update on Mindfulness for Health System Employees Classes

The Mindfulness Center just finished the fifth Mindfulness for Health System Employees class conducted in conjunction with the Be Wise program.  These eight-week classes are now offered virtually and are…

Research Update

Enhanced Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is Effective in Episodic Migraine These investigators evaluated the impact of enhanced mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR+) compared to a stress management program for headache without mindfulness…

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