Faculty Scholarly Interests: CORE FACULTY

Mary Faith Marshall, PhD, FCCM, HEC∙C
Clinical ethics ∙ Health Care Ethics and Moral Distress consultation ∙ Moral
Distress ∙ Research Ethics Human Subjects Protections – Reproductive and Sexual
Health Ethics, Justice and Policy ∙ Organizational ethics ∙ Medically and Ethically
inappropriate treatment ∙ Ethical Issues in Pandemic

Donna Chen, MD, MPH
Professional identity formation ∙ Medical education in ethics ∙ Neuroethics
Research ethics ∙ Team∙based learning ∙ Physician∙patient relationship ∙
Substance use ∙ Use of genetic results in research and treatment

Marcia Childress, PhD
Literature and medicine ∙ Narratives of illness and doctoring ∙ Visual and
dramatic arts in professional education ∙ Professional identity formation ∙
Medicine, society and public humanities ∙ Disability studies ∙ End of life care

Beth Epstein, PhD, RN, HEC∙C, FAAN
Moral distress ∙ Clinical ethics ∙ Ethics in the NICU ∙ Patient and family
decision∙making ∙ Discrimination and birth outcomes ∙
Palliative care ethics ∙Ethics consultations

Justin B. Mutter, MD
History of aging in America ∙ Home∙based medical care ∙ Older adults living with
dementia ∙ Primary care health policy ∙ Quality measurement ∙ Political
economy studies of modern health, disease, and illness ∙ Philosophy of medicine
and clinical judgment

Lois Shepherd, JD
Health law and policy ∙ End∙of∙life decision∙making ∙ Research ethics and
regulation ∙ Reproductive and sexual ethics and law ∙ Organ transplantation ∙
Disability studies ∙ Organizational ethics ∙ Ethics in healthcare business

Julia Taylor, MD, HEC∙C
Reproductive and sexual health ethics ∙ Fertility preservation in pediatrics &
adolescents ∙ Adolescent healthcare decision making ∙ Confidentiality in
adolescent healthcare ∙ Care of transgender pediatric and adolescent patients



Robert J. Boyle, MD
Clinical ethics ∙ Ethics committees/ethics consultations ∙ Organizational ethics
Neonatal decision∙making ∙ Patient and family decision∙making ∙ Ethics in
research on vulnerable populations

James F. Childress, PhD
Theory and biomedical ethics ∙ Organ transplantation ∙ Gene therapy ∙ Assisted
reproductive technology ∙ Reproductive ethics ∙ Conscientious refusal ∙ Research
ethics ∙ Ethics and public policy ∙ Religion and bioethics ∙ Public health