Conflict of Interest

Do you or your family have any financial ownership interest in the sponsor of the study?

An individual with a significant financial interest (defined as annual income > $10,000 or ownership interest >3%) may not participate in human subject research, unless approved by the UVa Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee. If the research is funded by the Public Health Service (PHS) or an organization that has adopted PHS policy, the definition of significant financial interest is more stringent: for a non-publicly traded company, income over $5,000 or any ownership interest; for a publicly traded company, combined income and ownership over $5,000. If you have a significant financial interest in the sponsor of a study involving subjects, contact Mary Peace McRae, Assistant Dean for Research, before proceeding.

Review UVa’s Financial Conflicts of Interest for Research Investigators (RES-005) and UVa Health System’s Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment  (BEH-002) policies before answering.

Request for exemption of COI for research activities