Message from the Director

Director, Jay W. Fox, Ph.D.

Director, Jay W. Fox, Ph.D.

Welcome from the Director of Research Infrastructure

As the Director of Research Infrastructure, School of Medicine and Director of the Office of Research Core Administration (ORCA) I wish to thank you for your interest in the University of Virginia School of Medicine’s Shared Research Resource Cores.  The goal of ORCA is to provide the University of Virginia researchers with access to state of the art instrumentation, technology and scientific expertise for the communal advantage of our institution’s investigators so that they can effectively carry out the research mission of the University.  Biomedical technology and instrumentation reside in an ever changing landscape which requires constant efforts to maintain a responsive posture to meet the needs of our investigators.  To do this we in ORCA and our research cores need the support and input of the University research community to express their needs and share their expertise so that ORCA can continue to evolve and provide the cost-effective, cutting-edge research support required by our investigators.  As such the core staff as well as the staff in ORCA welcomes all comments from the research community and we remain committed to serve and educate for the benefit of research mission of the University.

If you have further questions or comments regarding ORCA or our cores please contact me.  I welcome your thoughts and the opportunity to work with our investigators to improve our operations and infrastructure.

Jay W. Fox, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Director of Research Infrastructure