Cliff Stains

Stains, Cliff

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry


  • BS, Chemistry, Millersville University
  • PhD, Chemical Biology, University of Arizona
  • Postdoc, Chemical Biology, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Contact Information

Chemistry Room 243
Department of
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Telephone: 4342976810

Research Interests

Design and Application of Chemical Biology Tools for Studying Cellular Communication

Research Description

Our laboratory conducts research at the interface of chemistry and biology by employing new chemical tools and design principles to better understand fundamental aspects of cellular communication. Our research program is centered on three areas involving: 1) synthesis and application of new fluorescent and luminescent bioprobes, 2) new methodologies for constructing designer signaling networks, and 3) new approaches to study protein folding mechanisms in living cells. The long-term goal of these projects is to provide insights into signaling processes associated with normal physiology as well as human diseases such as liver disease, diabetes, and cancer. These multidisciplinary efforts are supported by a combination of approaches including synthesis, protein design and evolution, bioanalytical chemistry, and molecular biology.

Selected Publications