Dennis Templeton

Templeton, Dennis J.

Primary Appointment

Professor and Chair, Pathology


  • PhD, Biology, University of California San Diego, CA
  • MD, Medicine, University of California San Diego, CA

Contact Information

PO Box 800214
OMS 4871
Telephone: 924-1946

Research Disciplines

Biochemistry, Cancer Biology, Experimental Pathology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Pharmacology

Research Interests

Cell Death in Cancer Progression; Stress-Mediated Signal Transduction; Cancer Chemoprevention; Stress Inhibitors in Inflammatory Diseases

Research Description

  • Protein kinase cascades that control cell signaling and cell cycle transition

  • Mechanism of action of inflammatory cytokines in human disease processes

  • Mechanism of cancer chemoprevention agents that control signal transduction and cell death

  • Proteomic strategies to identify cancer control gene products using novel affinity labels and mass spectrometry
  • Selected Publications