Filip Loncke

Loncke, Filip T.

Primary Appointment

Curry School of Education

Contact Information

PO Box 400270
Bavaro Hall - Room 221
Telephone: 434-243-5372

Research Disciplines


Research Interests

Communication through non-standard modalities

Research Description

UNLEASH (Undergraduate Research)

We focus on processes that are involved when individuals communicate through non-standard modalities. We are running two major projects: (1) the development and field-testing of communication boards as an assessment tool for individuals without functional speech. Through picture-and-word communication boards, basic skills such as picture preference, choice making, categorization, memory, combinatorial awareness, and literacy are measured. The boards are being field tested in five countries (and three languages). We analyze and process the feedback from clinicians and educators, and measure validity and reliability of the instrument; (2) the use of graphic symbols by individuals with low literacy skills to navigate through websites. Do graphic symbols (pictures) make things easier to understand? Our data suggest that the answer to that question is not always so clear. We are running a number of simulation studies that address polysemy of graphic symbols as well as strategies used by individuals to interpret them.
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