Herman Shugart

Shugart, Herman H

Primary Appointment

Environmental Sciences

Contact Information

Department of Environmental Science
291 McCormick Road
Charlottesville, VA 22904
Telephone: 434 924 7642
Fax: 434 982 2137

Research Disciplines

Biology, Environmental Sciences

Research Interests

Global change; systems ecology; forest ecosystem analysis and dynamics; ornithology.

Research Description

Herman H. (“Hank”) Shugart, Jr. is a systems ecologist whose primary research interests focus on the simulation modeling of forest ecosystems. He has developed and tested models of biogeochemical cycles, energy flow and secondary succession. In his most recent work, he uses computer models to simulate the growth, birth and death of each tree on small forest plots. The simulations describe changes in forest structure and composition over time, in response to both internal and external sources of perturbation. The models are applied at spatial scales ranging in size from small forest gaps to entire landscapes and at temporal scales of years to millennia.

Selected Publications