Mark Floryan

Floryan, Mark

Primary Appointment

Computer Science

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Research Interests

Leveraging student data submitted to an ITS to facilitate the efficient development of intelligent educational systems.

Research Description

Automatically Constructing Knowledge Bases by Crowdsourcing Student Data

For this project, we utilize student input to an intelligent tutor and automatically construct an Expert Knowledge Base. Expert Knowledge Bases are effective domain models for providing dynamic intelligent feedback. We mine large amounts of student input, and construct accurate domain level knowledge bases from this data.

In addition, we utilize game mechanics to improve the efficacy of our approach. We attempt to show that game like mechanics can improve student input. Additionally, we have designed Knowledge Refinement Games, which we use to crowdsource input that refines the knowledge in areas that are unconfident.

Rashi Game: Effects of 3D Learning Environments

Rashi Game is a 3D educational experience based on the Rashi Intelligent Tutoring System (see below). Students take on the role of a doctor, explore a hospital, and attempt to diagnose patients. The purpose of this project is to begin to explore the differences between learning with traditional tutoring systems and educational games.

Selected Publications