Patricia Wiberg

Wiberg, Patricia L.

Primary Appointment

Environmental Sciences

Contact Information

PO Box 400123 Department of Environomental Sciences
215 Clark Hall
Telephone: 434-924-7546
Fax: 434-982-2137

Research Disciplines

Environmental Sciences

Research Interests

Sediment transport, coastal oceanography, geological fluid mechanics.

Research Description

My primary research interest is in sediment erosion, transport, and deposition in river, coastal, and wetland environments. Current research topics include storm-driven transport and the formation of sedimentary strata on the continental shelf, erosion and deposition on tidal salt marshes, flow-sediment-vegetation interactions in shallow coastal bays, mud dynamics in meso- and macro-tidal flats, wave-formed ripples, impact of climate change on barrier-bay-marsh morphology, and sediment associated contaminant transport.

Selected Publications