Yashar Kalani

Kalani, Yashar

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery


  • BS, Biochemistry, University of California Los Angeles
  • MD, Medicine, Stanford Medical School
  • MS, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

Contact Information

Department of Neurological Surgery
PO Box 800212
Charlottesville,, Virginia 22904
Telephone: 434.924.2735
Fax: 434.924.9656

Research Disciplines

Cardiovascular Biology, Neuroscience

Research Interests

Stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, stroke, Wnt signaling, neurogenesis, vasculogenesis, angiogenesis

Research Description

Central Nervous System Development and Regeneration, Central Nervous System Tumors, Extracellular RNAs (ex-RNAs) as Signaling Molecules and Biomarkers in Development and Disease, Stem Cell Biology, Vascular Development, Central Nervous System Vascular Malformations, Cerebral Aneurysms, Stroke

Selected Publications