2015: Anastasia Crihfield

October 20, 2015 by

The first time I came to Charlottesville I was 11 years old going to sleep-away summer camp for the first time. Charlottesville became my home away from home and I decided to come here for undergrad, and now, medical school! As an undergrad I joined the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad as a volunteer EMT and got my first taste of patient care. Being on the rescue squad allowed me to see the disparities in healthcare firsthand and the need for better primary care access. My brief stint as a grocery delivery girl/warehouse monkey after undergrad made me appreciate going back to graduate school all the more and got me excited for what would be my future career!

The Generalist Scholars program has given me access to wonderful mentors and a group of exceptional peers who believe that everyone has the right to high quality healthcare and that the key is through primary care. While at UVA I have developed a special interest in serving the Latino community and have been able to go to Xela, Guatemala to improve my Spanish with the help of GSP!  In my free time I love running, having margaritas at Continental Divide, doing yoga, seeing as many concerts as possible and hanging out with