2015: Vidya Gopinath

October 20, 2015 by

Hello! My name is Vidya and the Generalist Scholars Program has been one of the most fulfilling and wonderful aspects of my medical school education!

I had a nomadic childhood and lived in exotic places like Overland Park, KS, Brussels, Belgium and Hong Kong but spent my high school years in northern VA.  I graduated from Haverford College, a small liberal arts college outside Philadelphia.  Working at a transitional housing facility in Philadelphia, I learned more about the difficulties in accessing medical care faced by many subpopulations.  This piqued my interest in community health and health disparities. I came to UVA SOM interested in pediatrics and community health.  During my four years here, I had numerous opportunities to explore many of my interests and I found my place in internal medicine.  I still plan to focus on community health and health disparities!

My research project with GSP was on the perspective of primary care physicians who care for childhood cancer survivors and the transition of care from pediatric oncologist to PCP.  During my fourth year, I spent 5 weeks in South Africa with a team of nursing, public health and undergraduate students working on a community health program with a fellow Generalist Scholar, David Richards.

Having been a part of the GSP family has made my medical school experience so much richer and the support, opportunities and relationships that have stemmed my being in GSP will stay with me throughout my life and career!