2016: Penelope Carter

October 20, 2015 by

I grew up in the sheltered suburban idyll of Southbury, CT, left for high school in Exeter, NH, and went on to undergrad at Harvard University, where, after some fits and starts investigating more science-y concentrations, I was drawn to the English department, with its small groups and emphasis on writing and discussion.  After graduation, I worked for several years in law and teaching, but eventually realized that I missed science.  I started taking pre-health classes part-time at UCLA, and as I was focusing in on medicine, I moved to Evanston, IL, to complete my pre-med classes at Northwestern.  During that time, I was able to live with my sister and help take care of her first and then second baby, which was an inspiring look into child development and an interesting look forward into the Pediatrics curriculum!

I was drawn to UVA due to its supportive, well-balanced academic atmosphere, and I’ve been thrilled to be part of the Generalist Scholars Program as an extension of this invigorating, collegial environment.  Participating in the Generalist Scholars Program has given me the chance to interact with some incredible mentors and to be exposed to the sides of healthcare that are less-emphasized in the traditional medical school curriculum:  healthcare disparities, health policy, and the importance of preventive medicine.  The Generalist Scholars Program has added a stimulating extra dimension to my medical school journey, and has changed the way I see myself as a future Primary Care physician.