2017: Stephanie Hunt

October 20, 2015 by

I grew up bouncing from the US, to Poland, to South Africa, to Canada, and back to the US, but home for me is Arlington, VA. In high school I got my first bit of exposure to medicine while working at a pediatrics clinic in northern Virginia. I earned my undergraduate degree in biology at Davidson College in Davidson, NC. While there I enjoyed working at our college writing center and doing herpetology research (if you’re trying to imagine what that research looks like, think poking around along riverbanks to find frogs, lizards, turtles, etc.) As much as I loved the turtles, I knew throughout my time at Davidson that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.  I had various medical shadowing experiences in college, but I felt especially drawn to general pediatrics because of the opportunity for providing continuity of care as well as teaching patients and families about health from an early age.

Here at UVA, I love the supportive atmosphere of the medical school as well as the many academic and mentorship opportunities we are given. Last summer, as part of GSP, I worked with my mentor to design and complete a research project focused on identifying health literacy deficits in adolescents. Other less medically related tidbits from my life in Charlottesville include ceramics classes through the UVA ceramics club and hiking nearby when the weather in nice.  I also enjoy procrastinating by baking and cooking yummy meals.