Dayton Grogan, MD


  • Dayton GroganMEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA, Doctor of Medicine, 2022
  • DUKE UNIVERSITY, BS, Cum Laude, Biology with distinction 2017
  • Minors: Chemistry and Philosophy



Research Experience

Research Assistant, Emory University 2020-21
Project interested in the effects of exercise on a chemically-induced parkinsonian phenotype in mice; then, recreating such effects with neuromodulatory techniques.

Student Research Assistant, Duke University, High Energy Physics Department 2016-17
Assisted in the improvement of data acquisition and calibration of the ATLAS experiment associated with the large hydron collider at CERN via neural networks and machine learning algorithms.


AANS/CNS Joint Section Charles Kuntz Scholar Award: Spine Summit, San Diego, CA 2021
Augusta University Faculty Club Scholarship for Service and Academic Promise: Medical College of Georgia 2019
Medical Scholars Summer Research Fellowship: Medical College of Georgia 2018
Student Leadership and Service Award: Duke University 2017




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