Community Outreach Programs

UVA Ophthalmology partners with the Charlottesville community and UVA medical students to provide a variety of services to historically marginalized communities.  These services are delivered through UVA Vision Task Force Glaucoma Screenings, and organizations such as Remote Area Medical (RAM), and Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH-Virginia).

UVA Vision Task Force Glaucoma Screenings

This task force is run by UVA Medical Students, and strives to help patients in the community by screening for glaucoma, a slowly progressive and potentially blinding disease.  The screenings occur weekly at University Medical Associates (UMA) on Jefferson Park Avenue.  Basic medical & family history, vision checks, visual field screenings, and intraocular pressures are taken.  Those screened who look to potentially be at risk of developing glaucoma are referred to eye professionals to follow up.

RAM and VOSH-Virginia

Annually in August a group of medical professionals, nursing & medical students, and other volunteers provide three days of medical care in southwest Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains. These organizations are  Remote Area Medical, RAM and Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity, VOSH-Virginia.  The mission is to deliver eye, medical, and dental care.