Event Semester: Fall 2018

Adam Boulton Thesis Defense


Adam Boulton Grad Student Thesis Defense: RNA Binding by Epigenetic Reader AF9 is Essential for Hematopoiesis Host: Dr. John Bushweller

Event Categories: Archive

Seok-Yong Lee


Seok-Yong Lee Associate Professor Biochemistry Duke University School of Medicine Seminar Title: Structure and Mechanism of Thermosensitive TRP channels Host: Dr. Jochen Zimmer

Event Categories: MPBP seminar

Katarzyna Skorupka Thesis Defense


Katarzyna Skorupka Grad Student Thesis Defense: Structural characterization of TRIM family proteins Host: Dr. Owen Pornillos

Event Categories: MPBP seminar

Ku-Lung Hsu


Ku-Lung Hsu Assistant Professor Chemistry University of Virginia Seminar Title: Exploring ligand binding space to discover new lipid biology Host: Dr. Lukas Tamm

Event Categories: MPBP seminar

Heather Ferris


Heather Ferris Assistant Professor Endocrinology and Metabolism University of Virginia Seminar Title: Cholesterol as a mediator of cognitive function in diabetes Host: Dr. Huiwang Ai

Event Categories: Archive

Captain Scott Tingle


Captain Scott Tingle Astronaut NASA Seminar Title: International Space Station Expeditions 54/55 Mission Overview   Host: Dr. Lukas Tamm

Event Categories: Archive

Alan Stewart


Alan Stewart Senior Lecturer Medical & Biological Sciences University of St. Andrews Seminar Title: Allosteric regulation of plasma zinc dynamics by free fatty acids: A potential driver of cardiovascular complications…

Event Categories: Archive

Wei-Jen Tang


Wei-Jen Tang Professor Ben-May Institute for Cancer Research University of Chicago Seminar Title: Integrative Structural Approaches for Studying Human Insulin Degrading Enzyme Host: Michael Wiener

Event Categories: MPBP seminar

Simon Scheuring


Simon Scheuring Professor Physiology and Biophysics in Anesthesiology Weill Cornell Medicine Seminar Title: High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: A Novel Tool to Study Structure and Dynamics of Single Unlabeled Membrane Proteins…

Event Categories: MPBP seminar

Aurelia Honerkamp-Smith


Snyder 314 Host: Dr. Peter Kasson

Event Categories: Archive