Tsung and Zhang Lab

Drs. Tsung and Zhang Lab Members on the steps of the UVA School of Medicine 2023


The Tsung and Zhang lab has a long-standing record of examining the role of innate immunity in injury-induced inflammation and tumorigenesis of primary and metastatic liver cancer, with particular expertise in neutrophil and macrophage biology, damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP) danger responses, autophagy and mitochondrial function, using clinically relevant models of injury and cancer. By employing diverse strategies, we have contributed substantially to understanding the cellular and molecular biology of acute and chronic inflammatory states as well as the tumor microenvironment. The strong translational perspective of our investigations, which capitalize upon analyses of human cohort data and clinical correlates of our animal-based studies, has enabled us to provide mechanistic insight into the clinically relevant outcomes of organ dysfunction and cancer progression via tumor cell survival, expansion, and metastases.

Our lab has an extensive experience in biochemistry and molecular biology research, and our overarching research direction revolves around the understanding of the role of the tumor microenvironment in various oncologic disease processes, and providing novel strategy for prevention and cure, especially the role of hepatic immune responses after pre-operative exercise therapy. Our other research interests include innate immune and inflammatory responses in liver sterile injury, and innate immunity in development of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Our Team

Principal Investigators:

Allan Tsung, MD, Professor, allantsung@virginia.edu

Hongji Zhang, MD PhD, Assistant Professor, jhn5wx@virginia.edu

Research Team Members:

Xinghua Liao, Lab manager, kdm7wx@virginia.edu

Chengli Shen, MD PhD, Research Scientist, gve6nm@virginia.edu

Pengyan Fa, Lab specialist intermediate xms5zb@virginia.edu

Chioma Moneme, MD, Surgery Resident cim8uw@uvahealth.org

Mohamad El Moheb, MD, Surgery Resident krb3ym@uvahealth.org