Milestones for the Urologic Practitioner Fellowship

  • Milestone (M)1: Learns and improves by asking and answering pertinent questions from patient scenarios.
  • M2: Gathers information by competing focused history form patient or surrogate and performing a physical examination.
  • M3: Develops differential diagnoses.
  • M4: Uses diagnostic tests and procedures, including performance and interpretation of diagnostic studies.
  • M5: Develops a plan of care, including behavioral, pharmacologic or surgical interventions. Participates in shared decision making. Discuss risks, benefits and alternatives (informed consent process). Counsel patients regarding potential short and long term impact of interventions on quantity and quality of life, as applicable. Adapt initial plan as sub-acute or chronic condition evolves.
  • M6: Performs preoperative, perioperative and postoperative management of patients, including recognition and treatment of physiologic alterations and complications.
  • M7: Performs endoscopic procedures of upper and lower urinary tract in collaboration with urologist.
  • M8: Performs office-based procedures including urodynamic testing.
  • M9: Applies principles of evidence based practice to clinical decision making.
  • M10: Works effectively within health care settings including ambulatory, acute, critical, long-term, and home-care settings and during care transitions.
  • M11: Incorporates cost awareness and risk benefit analysis into patient care.
  • M12: Participates in transdisciplinary teams to enhance patient safety.
  • M13: Uses technology to accomplish to safely deliver health care.
  • M14: Improves performance based on feedback and self-assessment.
  • M15: Participates in Quality Improvement projects to enhance patient care.
  • M16: Participates in the education of other team members.
  • M17: Adheres to ethical principles.
  • M18: Demonstrates compassion, integrity and respect for others.
  • M19: Demonstrates responsiveness to patient needs that supersede self-interest.
  • M20: Demonstrates respect for patient privacy and autonomy.
  • M21: Demonstrates accountability to patients, society and the health care professions.
  • M22: Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to diverse populations, including diversity in gender, age, culture, race, religion, disabilities, and sexual orientation.
  • M23: Communicates effectively with patients and families with diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Levels of Milestone Achievement

You will participate in structured evaluations at 3, 6, and 9 months and upon program completion.  All evaluations will involve your designated mentor and may involve additional faculty as indicated.

Academic Resources for NP Fellowship Training

  • APN/PA Modules from AUA
  • AUA Core Curriculum (selected modules of pertinence to APN practice)
  • Selected Clinical Practice Guidelines from AUA, NCCN, SUFU, SPU, etc.