Shengyu Zhao

Office Location: Pinn 4017

Email: sz5qa at

Visualizing and manipulating biological processes would greatly help us understand the underlying mechanisms of some biological problems. I’m interested in developing biochemical tools to achieve such goals. Outside of the lab, I like traveling, watching movies, and playing basketball.

Current position:

Ph.D. student in the Chemistry program          08/2019-present

Previous Education and Professional Experiences:

B.Sc. Chemistry           09/2015-06/2019
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China


Zhao, Shengyu, Ying Xiong, Ranga Sunnapu, Xiaodong Tian, Yiyu Zhang and Huiwang Ai. “Bioluminescence Imaging of Potassium Ion Using a Sensory Luciferin and an Engineered Luciferase.” bioRXiv,, accepted for publication in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Wu, Tianchen, Manoj Kumar, Jing Zhang, Shengyu Zhao, Mikhail Drobizhev, Mason McCollum, Charles T. Anderson, et al. “A Genetically Encoded Far-Red Fluorescent Indicator for Imaging Synaptically Released Zn2+.” Science Advances 9, 9 (2023), eadd2058.

Zhang, Jingjing, Hao Ding, Shengyu Zhao, Dechen Jiang, and Hong-Yuan Chen. “Confined electrochemiluminescence in vertically ordered silica mesochannels for the imaging of hydrogen peroxide released from single cells.” Electrochemistry Communications 98 (2019): 38-42.