An End to Insomnia…and All You Need Is Wi-Fi (BottomLineInc)

July 2, 2018 by School of Medicine Webmaster

With so much self-help available online for free, it can be hard to know when paying for a program makes sense. But the effectiveness of Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or Internet-based CBTI, backed by more than a decade of research, makes it valuable for many people who struggle to get needed sleep. In fact, these programs can be downright economical compared to office visits with a therapist—should you be fortunate enough to even have a therapist nearby who practices CBTI. Researchers in the field began to develop Internet-based programs starting in the early 2000s precisely because there aren’t enough therapists trained in CBTI to care for the millions of people with insomnia who could benefit from it.