A primer for the assessment, diagnosis and delivery of Internet interventions for (mainly) panic disorder

October 20, 2017 by School of Medicine Webmaster

With the advent of the Internet, delivered assessment applications are likely to make a difference in clinical psychology and in health care in general. The purpose of the present paper was to present an overview of the authors’ experience regarding Internet administration of diagnostic interviews, questionnaires, and information processing tests. A conclusion is made that psychiatric assessments via the Internet are not yet to be recommended, but that questionnaire assessments are likely to generate equivalent or even superior data quality than traditional paper and pencil administration. Finally, the use of Internet-delivered tests of information processing is commented upon. Although these tests have been influential in theory development in clinical psychology, large-scale dissemination of tests has been slowed down by the need for laboratory facilities. Internet administration can provide new opportunities to administer tests from the patient’s own home.