Nordgreen, Tine

October 26, 2017 by

From February through April of 2011, BHT hosted visiting scholar Tine Nordgreen, PhD, from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway. Tine successfully defended her dissertation in November, 2011, titled, “Internet-based self-help for social anxiety disorder and panic disorder: Factors associated with effect and use of self-help.” Her most recent publication on this topic was published in Professional Psychology in 2011. While here, Tine presented her work for our BHT group, as well as at the Center of Behavioral Medicine Research. She sparked much discussion on factors relevant to the usage and efficacy of our own Internet interventions and built a promising foundation for future collaborations. Tine was also actively involved in all our ongoing studies, submissions, and never ending meetings. She also worked with us as we finalized the new version of SHUTi, and we hope to collaborate more with Tine as time goes on.