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UVA Continuing Education Series

Continuing inter-professional education (IPCE) is critical to the mission of providing optimal patient care as it fosters new knowledge, skills and coordination of care that includes the entire healthcare team.

Ongoing regularly scheduled conference series (RSS) are an essential component of UVA Health System’s continuing inter-professional education curricula.   Health professional faculty and staff at UVA Health have the opportunity to earn continuing education credit by attending a multitude of in-house conference series across most disciplines.

Expectations for Participation
Participants need to complete an evaluation within 30 days of the activity in order to earn continuing education credit.

For selected conference series, physician participants can earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points.*

To see the upcoming monthly calendar or our RSS/Grand Rounds Listing in our Learning Portal.

For more information, please contact Terri Ellison.

List of our UVA Ongoing Series

Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Albemarle County Medical Society
Anesthesiology Grand Rounds
APP Development
Cardiology Grand Rounds
Cardiovascular APP Fellowship Academy
Cardiology Cath Conference and M&M
CHRC Speaker Series
CRC Continuing Education Series
Dermatology Grand Rounds
ECHO Endocrinology Diabetes Project
Endocrinology Grand Rounds
Faculty Development
Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS)
GI and Hepatology Grand Rounds
GI Tumor Board
Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds
Infectious Diseases Case Conference
Leadership in Academic Matters
Medical Grand Rounds MOC*
Medical Center Hour
Nephrology Fellows Conference
Neurology Grand Rounds & M&M
Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board

List of our UVA Ongoing Series

Neurovascular Case Conference
Nuclear Cardiology Stress Case Conf.
Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
Otolaryngology/Otology Conference
Pathology Seminar Series
Pediatrics Grand Rounds
Pediatric Cardiac Life Support
Pediatric Cardiology Surgical Case Conf.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation GR
Piedmont Liability Trust
Psychiatry Grand Rounds
Pulmonary/CC Core Curriculum
Radiology Grand Rounds/ Journal Club
Renal Grand Rounds & Nephrology Conf.
Research Ethics
Rheumatology Grand Rounds
Student Health General Medicine Conf.
Surgery Grand Rounds MOC*
Schwartz Grand Rounds
Transplant Services Case Conferences
UVA HR Talent Development Courses
Vascular Anomalies Clinic Meeting
VDH Journal Club
Wisdom and Well-Being

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