Comments from Past Nutrition Support Traineeship Participants

What do past participants say about the

Nutrition Support Traineeship?

Here is a sample of the comments from our past trainees


“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the UVA Nutrition Support Traineeship…this was by far the BEST continuing education program that I have participated in over the past 20 years as an RD.  If anyone has the opportunity, I highly recommend attending.”

“My expectations were exceeded…great work to all–I highly recommend the Traineeship”

“This was the most informative and practical continuing education that I have participated in”

“This traineeship allowed me to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to be a successful clinician as well as being able to teach fellow dietitians along with other members of the medical team. It was refreshing to be reminded how much we can contribute to the care of these patients and how much we truly are valued.”

“This program inspired me, increasing my knowledge and ability to practice as a Nutrition Support Dietitian. The evidence based approach will keep me always up to date on the latest literature. I will definitely use the critical thinking skills gained through the UVA traineeship in my daily practice.”

“Every presenter had an exceptional level of knowledge and the willingness to share that knowledge was refreshing!”

“Both Joe and Carol have a very thought provoking teaching style that challenges the listener to want to go home and learn more.”

“I feel so privileged to have had the Virginia nutrition support team as a mentor; I gained wonderful knowledge in a short week.”

“All of the sessions were wonderful. You did an outstanding job.”

“I feel the traineeship will increase my confidence in evidence based practice. I feel much more knowledgeable in nutrition support.”

“I enjoyed every lecture, discussion, case study, observation, rounds and getting to know the Nutrition Support teams. I really appreciate everyone’s time, and how willing they were to share their knowledge.”

[Listed as most valuable parts of the program]:  “The quality of the presenters (knowledgeable, engaging, clear, informative), learning about nutrition from the point of view of doctors, pharmacists, GI residents, etc., and the nutrition support traineeship manual we received.”