Internal Budget Transfer – RG Request

Internal Budget Transfer - RG Request

Short TitleCreate a short description of the request that is identifiable in the Award Workspace. Do not use "MD-SURG-Smith" naming convention."RG Request"


"Early Termination as of 12/31/2023 and RG Request"
Review existing AMRs in Award Workspace for consistency of title formatTitle
Date RequestedDate of Submission/RequestDate
Full DescriptionInclude all information needed to complete the subsequent Mod request.Description
1. Describe full request details, including reason for early termination and/or closeout confirmation."Study is closed to enrollment and closed by IRB and/or sponsor. Please retract end date to 12/31/2023 and move remaining balance to RG account."
2. Include existing PI RG worktag, if available.
3. Indicate whether all applicable charges have been applied (including PI salary) or provide a detailed explanation for why charges have not been expensed to the account.Please note that RGs will not be approved until/unless all appropriate expenses have been charged, including PI salary.
Supporting Documents1. SOM RG Request FormFile naming convention:

"001 - RG Request Form"
Please find the request form here.Docs
2. IRB/Sponsor closure letterFile naming convention:

"002 - IRB Closure_31Dec2023"
3. Confirmation of salary expenses and balanceFile naming convention:

"003 - Salary Expenses"


"003 - Balance Available"
Workday report types:

Workers All Cost Allocation By Grant Composite [Salary expenses]

Award and Grant Details Composite [BBA (search by AWD-XXX)]
SubmitterAssign Submitter as your SOMOGC administratorDO NOT click "Submit to Specialist"
Request Type [dropdown]Residual BalanceType
General Tips/NotesSend AMR # and/or link to to get the action logged into the SOMOGC work queue.Without this email, we will have no idea that your AMR is ready for review
PI and Department approvals should be captured via "Log Comment" activity If necessary, approvals can be provided outside of the system and uploaded as supporting documentation. See template here.Comment
For all AMR types, please include relevant email communication thread to provide context for the action being requested.
Include all relevant attachments within SmartForm request page, not through "Add Comment" or on History tab.
Don't use the WITHDRAW activity unless you really want to discard/trash the action. It cannot be reinstated once withdrawn.