Budgetary Information

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Budgetary Information 
DHHS Approved Rate Agreement01/29/2021
F&A Rates (based on Modified Total Direct Costs [MTDC])On Grounds, Research: 61.5%
Off Grounds, Research: 26%
On Grounds, Other Activities: 38%
Off Grounds, Other Activities: 26%
Instruction: 56%
Current Fringe Benefit Rates*Full-time Faculty: 27.7%
Full-time Staff: 37.4%
Part-time Faculty and Staff with benefits: 27.7%
Part-time Faculty and Staff without benefits: 6.5%
*UVA Registered Students are exempt from fringe benefits
Current NIH salary cap$199,300


Current Graduate Student Support Rates

FY20-21 BIMS Student Stipend Support RatesWith extramural fundingWithout extramural funding

FY20-21 Student Insurance RatesHealth InsuranceDental Insurance

FY20-21 BIMS [Academic Year]In State - TuitionIn State - FeesIn State - TotalOut of State - TuitionOut of State - FeesOut of State - Total
High Tuition
[Yr 1-2 w/Masters]
[Yr 1-2 MSTP]
[Yr 1-3 Other]
Low Tuition
[Yr 3+ w/Masters]
[Yr 3+ MSTP]
[Yr 4+ Other]

FY20-21 BIMS [Summer Session]In State - Research FeeIn State - Computer FeeIn State - TotalOut of State - Research FeeOut of State - Computer FeeOut of State - Total

FY20-21 Medical School [Academic Year]In StateOut of State

FY20-21 Medical School [Summer Session]In StateOut of State

BIMS Administrative Contacts

Amy Anderson [MICR]     |     Nadia Cempre [NGP]     |     Mary Hall [CELL & PATH]     |     Debbie Sites [BMG]
Carrie Walker [BIOP/PHY, PHAR, & Intl Prog]     |     Ashley Woodard [MSTP]     |     Fay Miller [GPO-Finance]