Licenses, Assurances, and Certifications

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Licenses, Assurances, and Certifications
Debt and DebarmentNone
Reportable Lobbying ActivitiesNone
Government Approved Accounting SystemYes
Date of Last Accounting System Audit: 01/06/2006
Government Approved Property SystemYes
Date of Last Property System Audit: 09/28/2015
Date of Last Misconduct in Science filing06/23/1999
AssurancesCivil Rights Assurance (45 CFR 80): 05/15/1978
Assurance Concerning the Handicapped (45 CFR 84): 06/07/1977
Assurance Concerning Sex Discrimination (45 CFR 86): 04/11/1977
Assurance Concerning Age Discrimination (45 CFR 90 & 91): 02/01/1978
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) License4500034-26
Compliant FCOI Policy
(42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F)
COI Regulations and Resources